The Hair-Free Highway

Using the highly acclaimed Perron Rigot and Lycon waxing systems, the ‘ouch’ factor is taken out of what is often considered as an ‘excruciating’ experience. This exceptional wax is applied in an ultra-thin layer to remove the hair gently and easily in a single pass without the need for cloth strips.  The wax shrink-wraps around the hair and does not stick to the skin, making it – believe it or not – virtually painless.  Especially suitable for short, tough hairs and the more sensitive areas, the treatments deliver clean results – and even leave you looking forward to your next waxing experience! 

Basic Bikini   (15 minutes)    £15

The conservative one – removing hairs just from the areas around your bikini line


G-String  (20 minutes)    £18

Ooh-la-la! Hair is removed from the bikini line and intimate areas in the shape of a G-string


Brazilian  (45 minutes)    £26

Be a carnival queen with just a narrow landing strip in front and all hair removed from your bikini line and undercarriage


Hollywood  (45 minutes)    £30

Walk on the wild side with a total de-fuzz of all areas front, back and underneath giving a completely smooth, superstar finish


Half leg - with strip-wax  (30 minutes)   £23

Full leg - with strip-wax  (45 minutes)   £33


Underarm (15 minutes)     £13


Chin  (15 minutes)      £15

Lip  (15 minutes)      £12

Eyebrows  (15 minutes)     £15




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