Perhaps the years spent shirking the sunscreen are starting to catch up on your skin, maybe you’re after a more effective way to ‘blur’ those wrinkles or you want to get rid of those scars or ‘age spots’ once and for all – these and other more complex skincare concerns can be addressed with these non-invasive, targeted treatments.  They are surprisingly relaxing and when you see the glowing results in your healthier, clearer and younger appearance, any doubts you may have had about turning back the clock will be put to rest.


ThermaVisage Radio Frequency Facial (30 minutes per session) £300
(Course of 6)

Who doesn’t want to know the key to supple, younger, brighter skin?  Look no further – the revolutionary ThermaVisage treatment may just hold that key!  For a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment, this state of the art machine will perform all kinds of mini miracles on your skin.  Using a combination of radio frequency, vacuum suction and chromatherapy (the use of colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony), ThermaVisage accelerates collagen production and contraction of collagen fibres to restructure and tighten the skin. The use of red LED light will further stimulate  collagen, with blue LED light promoting calm and relaxation to help heal  the skin. The treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation to improve the texture of the skin.  Warming, soothing and relaxing, Thermavisage can be personalised to suit the needs of your skin.


While you will see a noticeable change after the first session, the treatment is progressive which means you’ll see the full, incredible benefits after several weeks.  These are just some of the miraculous results you can expect to see:

• Smoother, softer skin

• Reduction in fine lines, improved facial contours

• Lifting and tightening

• Overall improved skin tone

• Brighter, clearer complexion

A maintenance facial is recommended 6 weeks after the course is completed.


Facial Resurfacing  £210 (Course of six treatments, to be taken 2-3 weeks apart, subject to skin sensitivity) 
Single treatment  £35 (30 minutes)


Ideal for reducing superficial wrinkles and fine lines, this professional resurfacing treatment also works wonders on skin that is prone to acne, hyper-pigmentation (sun spots and brown patches), or looks sallow, pitted, or scarred.  The mulitiphase treatment will remove dull layers and accelerate cell renewal, leaving the skin with a more balanced and uniform look.  No redness, no inflammation, no irritation – the only possible after-effect is a little tightness which disappears in a day or two, once the skin has rebalanced.


To regain optimum skin health, a total of six treatments is recommended  – one every fortnight.
Skin consultation and patch test required before first treatment.




IonActive Power Treatment  £60  (45 minutes)


A veritable ‘bootcamp for the skin’, this treatment takes skin health to the next level.  It combines thermal activity and the latest technology to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin as well as combat signs of ageing.  IonActive concentrates are applied directly to the skin and a customised Gelloid is layered over it to seal in the active ingredients and provide therapeutic cooling or energising warming sensations on the skin.  The use of an ultrasonic blade delivering a microcurrent allows optimal penetration into the skin, promoting blood flow and bringing instantly visible results.


Perfect for those who enjoy a sensory experience and are looking to reduce the signs of skin ageing, uneven skin tone, acne or dehydration.


A monthly treatment is recommended.




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